March 30, 2009

What Families Say About Dude Ranch Vacations

One of our most memorable family vacations was a week spent at a dude ranch in Colorado. As a parent, I was happy seeing my kids spend an entire week enjoying the outdoors. No TV, no movies, no video games, but not one complaint of boredom. The kids would jump out of bed in the morning and race outside to hang out with their friends, then after a hearty ranch breakfast head to the corral for a morning on horseback.

But don’t take my word for it, here is what kids have to say about dude ranch vacations:

“The Wranglers taught me how to get up on the horse and never give up. It was really worth earning the Cowboy-Up Award! (Sean, 11)

“You get to ride on horses through the woods, and you get to do fun art projects. The petting zoo was one of my favorite parts, every day I would go out and see the animals. Sometimes you can make up your own activities- my friends and I did a little play for the other guests.” (Katie, 6)

I had so much fun at the dude ranch! I really liked my horsey Bugsy.” (Sam, 4)

“I liked making the horses trot and gallop, and I really liked the food! It was delicious, especially the desserts. And all the kids got to go on a secret gold mining trip.” (Ryan, 8)

“I liked my horse, the awesome battle against the Indians at the fort, the front row seats at the rodeo, and snipe hunting.” (Kyle, 12)

And now the parents:

“The thing I like about dude ranches is that they allow for a very active outdoor vacation, without the work of camping. Besides all of the scheduled activities, the kids get to relax, run around and explore the outdoors on summer evenings. The adults get great food and company.”

Delicious home-made country style food and wide open skies are great reasons to return!”

“I was worried that I would get bored, but there turned out to be plenty to do. There was enough structure to ensure we had a full day of activity, yet it was at a slow enough pace to feel refreshed and relaxed. “

It was one of our best family vacations -- a great way to relax with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. The friendly staff also made us feel right at home!"

There are over a hundred dude and guests ranches in North America, and they all vary in size, amenities, activities, and accommodations. As a family travel specialist, my goal is to help families find the ranch that’s right for them, and answer all their questions about what to expect and how to pack and prepare for their trip.

For more information about planning a dude ranch vacation for your family, contact Suzette Mack, Family Travel Specialist, at suzette@family-treks.com