August 28, 2010

10 Travel Tweets That Made Me Smile

@LuxuryTravelMom "Vacation is....a candy necklace for breakfast "

@Gadling "Myth busted: The lav in first class smells better than the lav in coach. Wow."

@EpsteinTravels "WARNING! Do not walk on fire when attempting to catch birds!"

@Heather_Poole [a flight attendant] "This is how my kid plays remote controlled airplane - "Sorry, Sir, this plane is broken. Gonna have to find another one" (He travels 2 much)"

@LuxuryTravelMom "AND the world's largest sombrero, can't believe Conde' Nast hasn't written this place up yet!"

"How Farts won the road trip - http://su.pr/1Q40qR "

@TravelSavvyMom "5 Things I Learned When My Daughter Threw Up on a Plane: http://su.pr/1PZFBv"

@LuxuryTravelMom "On Kamp Kiawah agenda today, "Alligator Hunt", boys upset that it doesn't include guns or "gatocide"

@TravelSavvyMom "Bring plenty of new toys—$50 for 3lbs of plastic crap will seem like the deal of the century at 3am in a London hotel"

@jenniferweiner "In non-lit news, have been potty-training child.She won't use the potty, will take off diaper, pee outside. So basically, she's housebroken."

Ok, the last one one's not travel-related, but it made me laugh out loud.

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August 19, 2010

Kids' Trip Review: Adventures by Disney™

Adventures by Disney™ was created especially for families, with breathtaking guided group vacations spanning six continents. My nephews recently traveled on their Southwest Splendors trip, so I interviewed them to learn more.

Devon (9), said the guides were “the best.” They made sure there was something for everyone to do that they liked. His favorite part was rafting on the Colorado River. “It wasn’t really scary, and you got to swim in the river.” It was a mellow ride in most places, with a few rapids in others. The food was “very good,” and they served things like steak, chicken, and corn. Sometimes they ate out, and sometimes the guides made dinner for the guests.

Tristan (12), also enjoyed the trip very much. When comparing it to other family vacations, he said it was unique in that they visited several states, and they were traveling with other families rather than alone. He made a lot of friends on the trip.

His favorite part was also rafting, and he liked the food, and that he could have as much as he wanted. He also said the guides were “really nice” and liked to play games with the kids. They were also good at pointing out things that had to do with movies, or were important historically.

He recommends an Adventures by Disney™ trip to other families because they will get to do a lot of fun things, but their schedule will not be “over packed.” Typically they had a group activity in the morning, and then the afternoon was free for an optional tour or relaxing. It’s also a great trip because the kids will make new friends, and “the hotels are amazing!” He especially liked El Tovar at the Grand Canyon, which had incredible views.

They also brought home nice souvenirs from the trip, including an Adventures by Disney™ backpack, and collectible pins which they earned from activities along the way.

And what did Mom have to say?

“The best thing was that is was active, informative and gauged so that guests of all ages were interested. The guides were absolutely top-notch and did everything in their power to make it enjoyable. If you ask the kids, they probably said all the snacks and surprise gifts were the best.

I HIGHLY recommend their trips.”

For more information about Adventures by Disney™, contact Suzette Mack, Family Travel Advisor at suzette@family-treks.com.