November 10, 2009

Six Ways Families Can Save Money on Travel Insurance

1. Don’t automatically buy the insurance offered by the travel supplier – Some suppliers do offer insurance which provides excellent coverage at a good value, but more often than not their policies cost more and provides less coverage. Read the terms and conditions carefully.

2. Buy a policy that offers free coverage for children – Insurance sold by airlines, cruise lines and tour companies is usually offered at a fixed price per person, which makes it more expensive for larger families.

3. Buy early – And buy as soon as the first component of a trip has been booked, even if it’s a refundable deposit. Procrastinating or waiting until all trip details are finalized can limit coverage, and buying early may also provide free upgrades.

4. Add a rental car upgrade rather than purchasing CDW from the rental company – This is especially true when renting in countries like Mexico where CDW is mandatory. For example, Hertz charges $40 per day for insurance, but upgrading a travel insurance policy to include one week of rental coverage is less than $50.

5. Shop around – Most travel insurance policies are comparably priced, but they do increase rates by age. So a policy from one company may cost more for a 50 yr old traveler than another, based on how they set up the age brackets. Also, a basic policy might cost the same between two companies, but upgrade options could be priced differently.
6. Buy from a professional – Travel agents can sell insurance to anyone, even travelers who have booked a trip on their own. They receive ongoing training, so they have the latest information on traveler’s concerns such as swine flu and can explain what is and isn’t covered. They know what questions to ask to ensure a traveler is purchasing the right policy for their needs, and also get them the best value.

If you would like more information about travel insurance, contact Suzette Mack, Family Travel Specialist at suzette@family-treks.com.

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