August 17, 2011

Back to School Tip: Old Luggage Tags

When my kids were young, they had a variety of after-school activities. I worried how they would remember that on Tuesday and Thursday they had Homework Club, or every other Wednesday was Spanish Club. Because my kids rode a school bus, it was important they did not forget and take the bus home, or else they could be dropped off at an empty house.

I was wracking my brain to think of how I could give them a note that would last the duration of the school day in a visible place. A Post-It just wasn’t going to cut it, and pinning a note to their clothes would have just been mean.

As I worked in my office one afternoon putting together documents for a client, the idea came to me: luggage tags!

We had a surplus of luggage tags from our travels, as well as ones I have picked up over the years from travel trade shows. Using a Sharpie marker, I wrote the name of the activity and the location on the back of the address card, or if that wasn’t suitable, just flipped over one of my business cards.

I made one tag for each activity, and simply attached it the backpack on the appropriate day. My kids NEVER missed an activity. They were always reminded of where they had to be as they packed up their backpack at the end of the school day.

My kids don’t need this system anymore, but I have been seriously thinking of reviving it to remind ME when I need to do something. Pick up the dry cleaning, buy a birthday gift, take the dog to the vet, ... Now where's my Sharpie?

As the school year begins, it's time to think about planning holiday trips, spring break, and even next summer's vacation. Don't miss out on a great family trip because you got so busy with work, volunteering, or chauffering kids around that you didn't have time to plan. Contact me at suzette@family-treks.com to get a head start!

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Jessica said...

Genius! I love ideas that work so well! Thanks for sharing.