May 1, 2016

Gift Ideas for Grads Traveling Away to College

Here are some of my favorite travel accessories, which would make great gifts for graduating seniors.  We sent our first child across the country to college this year with several of these, which came in handy for his trips back and forth.

Clear plastic carry-on bag for liquids – It will hold up better than a ziploc bag through multiple trips.

311 TSA Rules:  3.4 oz, 1 qt , 1 bag 

Luggage scale – To discourage the teen’s instinct to shove as much stuff into one bag as possible.

Don't stuff hockey bags to capacity!

Duffle bag that collapses easily and compactly – Can serve as an extra carry-on bag when they pull out all the extra things from their checked bag.
Go Sharks! (Had to get that in for playoff season)

Cable lock – To secure bags when traveling by train or when waiting in airports.  They can also keep items secure in a dorm room.

The 3 ft long cable can link several bags together,
 or secure one to a stationary object

Durable luggage tags – A colorful one is easy to spot on a luggage carousel.

But don't store your jewels in checked bags.

Packing cubes – Full disclosure:  my kids still don’t want to use them, but they’ll appreciate having them some day!

Probably my favorite travel accessory

Portable charger – I love my Jackery, it's a lifesaver on a long flight or a long layover in an airport that has limited outlets.

Also has a light!

Even if your student is going to school in the US, they will probably have opportunities to travel internationally. When the time comes, they'll appreciate these items:

Dual voltage extension cord – So they can charge all their electronics at once (regular extension cords used around the house need a converter).
The Luggage Valet has one USB and three 3-prong outlets.

Universal travel adapter – So they can keep up with social media in multiple countries.
If your electronics and chargers are dual voltage all you
need is the appropriate adapter.

If you see something like 100/240V  or 110~220V on the label
then you don't need a converter.

Here's a tip for summer:  Apply for or renew their passport if necessary so they have a valid one when they head off to school.

And if you'd like ideas for a celebration trip, so your grad can try out his or her new gadgets, just send a note to suzette@family-treks.com.

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