May 2, 2009

Fun Activities for Families Visiting France

Visit a prehistoric cave decorated with wall engravings of horses, ibex, mammoths, deer, and bovines dating from the Aurignacian period (between 33,000 and 26,000 BC).

Ride a little red train from Chamonix to the world famous glacier de la Mer de Glace. A 20 minute ride through wonderful scenery brings you to the largest French glacier - 7 km long!

Spend a day hiking with an ornithologist guide through meadow and mud flat in southern France, to discover the diversity of European water birds, including all nine European Heron species!

Canoe the Gardon River to the Pont du Gard, part of an impressive system of channels and tunnels and it has survived intact over a period of some 2000 years.

Learn to make perfume in the laboratory of the Molinard factory in Grasse, a small town overlooking the Mediterranean which offers private visits to the best perfume factories.

Enjoy a flight in a paraglider over the beautiful Alpes de Hautes Provence mountains.

Visit a modern goat dairy farm in Normandy, and learn about raising and caring for livestock, milk production, as well as the local history.

Visit Normandy beaches on bicycle, traveling from Omaha Beach to the Pointe Du Hoc through unforgettable, bomb-scarred, cratered terrain, and enjoy the panoramic views from the coast. Visit the reflecting pool and memorial at Saint Laurent sur Mer, which houses a 22-foot high bronze sculpture, maps of the invasion, and bronze urns.

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